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Next Lawyers - Gali Macedo & Associados

NEXT LAWYERS is a multidisciplinary society of lawyers and legal consultants with extensive national and international experience in providing legal services suited to the challenges of today’s world. With offices in Porto, Lisbon, Brussels and Luanda, it also has privileged relations with several law firms abroad. This guarantees customers a complete representation of their interests in the European Union, China, USA and in the Portuguese-speaking world, particularly in Angola, Brazil and Mozambique.

NEXT LAWYERS, winner of several international awards, also maintains close ties with the academic world, either through the teaching activities of its members, or through the development of specialization and research projects. The universe of support for entrepreneurship, particularly start-ups, is one of the fields in which we invest the most.

And since the entire team believes that the law and lawyers, in particular, have a social responsibility to fulfill, NEXT LAWYERS regularly develops “pro bono” services for various non-profit social solidarity institutions.

Golden Visa Consultancy works with clients to establish residency and/or citizenship through real estate investment and business development.

Our firm offers a personalized service to clients who need assistance on the path to global citizenship. Whether you’re an individual, a family, or an organization, you can trust our vast international experience.

Founder and CEO Nicolas Salerno has experience living and working on four different continents in the areas of Finance and Operations Development. He has been helping clients for the last 18 years, effectively solving all kinds of challenges to international living. He now puts that knowledge to work for his clients. Nicolas is a recognized expert with IMI Daily and an IMC member.

If you’re wondering about residency or a second citizenship, or if you are contemplating purchasing property internationally, Golden Visa Consultancy can guide you towards your goals.

At Golden Visa Consultancy, we are committed to developing global citizens and helping them meet their goals in a safe, effective, and responsible way.

We will navigate relationships with government agencies, simplifying the complex process of obtaining residency and/or citizenship.

We tailor our advice and services directly to your needs and goals. Whether you are an investor, a government agency, or a financial professional, our expertise can be leveraged to meet your needs.

With eight offices in locations all over the world, we are well poised to advise you on this daunting but rewarding journey to global citizenship.