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Canavezes Palace Hotel & Thermal Clinic

A national heritage whose identity has been built for centuries

Marco de Canaveses

Bounded by the Tâmega and Douro Rivers, Marco de Canaveses is in the granite highlands of Northern Portugal. One glance at mountains, evergreen forest, river valleys and vineyards and you may be ready to lace up your boots.

You may also want to sample local flavours, as Marco de Canaveses is a seriously fruitful wine region, producing fresh “vinho verde” at more than 20 estates. History buffs can hunt down medieval Romanesque churches on the Rota do Românico (Romanesque Route), or ponder the moody ruins of an unfinished 18th-century palace.

About the Project

An hot-springs place without an historically accurate beginning, but through the few existing records, is believed to be prior to the foundation of the country. According to Pinho Leal, these medicinal waters, would spring naturally between the rocks in ancient times, and the Romans knew and bathed in them.

These thermal waters were discovered by the Romans, in the year 110 A.D., under the rule of the Emperor Trajan, and were then called ” Aquae Tamacanae” because of the vicinity to Tamaca (Tâmega River).
The therapeutic qualities of these waters prompted such a high development to the Hot spring bathes created by the roman people, that soon, the need to build a bridge across the Tâmega as well as a Roman road was necessary for the patient’s transport.

The improvement of the thermal facilities, would stimulate, still in the first decade of the XX century, the construction of the building Hotel Palácio das Caldas de Canavezes.
The hot springs and the Hotel Palácio de Canavezes are a national heritage whose identity was built through the centuries and that continues until today in the memory of the older generations.

From the necessity, of other times, to provide an hotel response to Caldas de Canavezes user, a unique place was born, and without that pretension, would become a seasonal touristic resort of excellence.
We are committed to revive this unique bond, by adapting it to contemporary hotel needs and to a pleasant and comfortable stay during any time of the year.

The historical uniqueness of the building and its hotel facilities, will be preserved through the combination of contemporary luxury details and the charm of classic furniture pieces. We aim to offer a set of timeless spaces combined with a service of high efficiency.

With the restoration of Canavezes Palace Hotel facilities we hope to revive his ancestral soul, conserving its historical silence and sincere contemplation over the Valey and River Tâmega.

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