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Borba is the center of a small administrative area, but fiercely proud of its identity. This identity dates back to the very foundation of Portugal as a nation-state, as evidenced by the castle and city walls commissioned by King Alfonso II.

It is not known whether local delicacies and the famous wine produced here were responsible for the chubby king’s nickname. But it’s highly likely…

Other reasons must have led the Order of the Servants of Christ (Servants of Christ) to build their convent here. A sign that this choice was not made in vain can be seen at the Museu dos Cristos, in Vila de Lobos, where for many years it was possible to visit one of the largest collections of representations of Christ in Portugal.

All of this can also be related to the festival held on the weekend closest to August 15th and dedicated to Nosso Senhor dos Aflitos.

But Borba is also famous for its marble, which has been used in buildings across the country and the rest of the world and is now one of the region’s most important economic resources.

Visit Borba, dazzle your eyes with its beauty, drink a glass of white or red wine along with some local cheese or sausage and you’re sure to want to come back one day!

About the Project

Borba is one of those cities in the interior of Portugal that would be easy to go unnoticed if it weren’t for its magnificent past. The Real Convento das Servas is a cornerstone of that past that earned this region its place in history. Built in the 15th-century hermitage where the Confraternity of Servos de Nossa Senhora used to function, a structure was bequeathed to the Franciscan Order of the Province of Algarves at the beginning of the 18th century. It quickly became one of the most important buildings in Portugal. Its decorations depict a transition from Baroque to Rococo. With the extinction of religious orders in the 19th century, the church fell into ruins. However, it retains its structural integrity, making it ripe for rebirth. Now it’s a place to connect and celebrate history.

The development is a full-service boutique hotel in a historic building in Borba. The project consists of the total rehabilitation of an old convent from 1604 with one of the most precious cloisters in southern Portugal. It will bring the Borba wine experience to a 5-star hotel, with a strong connection to the vineyard, a key element of the region with 49 rooms, 48 exclusive villas with plunge pools, a spa, an outdoor pool, a restaurant, a bar, and indoor events space and external.

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